BearForest 15th Anniversary

Hi Guys

It's hard to beleive that 15 years has past since we first began bringing Bears and their admirers together. We would like to sincerely thank all of you for making BearForest what it is today.

We also want to thank everyone for making the BearForest15th Anniversary Party a big success! Steve Buczek, our host, did a fabulous job with the event, bounty of wicked vodka shooters and the hottest Best Chest contest. We had a great bunch of super sexy guys on stage! The Black Eagle's staff were fantastic as well. Loads of hot men made it huge fun. Here are some snaps of the night from our fantastic photographer - Kyle

Thank you for your support, Hugs, Tino



Here are some snaps of our NYC 15 Anniversary Party at Ty's


Ty's photos by Ricky Cavazos